1994 Was 20 Years Ago ... Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

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With the new year approaching, the events of 1994 are one year shy of being able to legally order a beer at a bar as they turn 20. The video below is a compilation of some of the more memorable moments of that year, as well as some that we may want to forget.

It's interesting to watch through and see some things that you can't believe happened twenty years ago, and others that are definitely distant memories. One of the more topical entries is the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as South Africa's first black president. It was also the year Kurt Cobain committed suicide, the year of two Ace's (both Ventura and of Base), TLC's Creep, Warren G's "Regulators," and The Shawshank Redemption.

It was the year the Beastie Boys iconic "Sabotage" video was running constantly on MTV, Darius Rucker was still Hootie, we got our first glimpse of the "Friends," Doom was the most cutting edge of video games, and the first time anyone saw Pulp Fiction.

Plus a bunch of other stuff you either forgot about, were really into at the time, or didn't know about when it happened.

Photo: YouTube | Slacktory


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